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IEACS, L.L.C., has hosted faculty professional development workshops, consulted and taught for a number of a Higher Education Institutions, Educational Agencies/Organizations, and students.





"This was the first training in years that I had a lot of takeways that I will actually use!"

R. Smith, Cambridge College professor

"The recommendations for my application helped me to get accepted into the M.B.A. program at Boston University!" K. Tran, Vietnam

"I really enjoyed the creative process for writing my essays-there were so many takeaways for me. I was inspired by every one of your suggestions!"  R. Hu, Shanghai

"Thanks to Mr. Lyons' guidance I was able to gain acceptance to Oldfields School and Fordham University!  I. Liu, Beijing 

"I learn so much with every workshop I attend! I didn't look at the topic for today's workshop- I saw your logo and registered! You have really impacted my teaching and learning! "    V. Harris, North Shore Community College professor

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"Mr. Lyons established several partnerships with Language Schools as well as an International Pathway Program. These two initiatives were instrumental in our enrollment turnaround and are thriving today."  Stephen Donovan, Assistant Dean of Student Services/D.S.O., Pine Manor College

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   "Stephen established admissions agreements  with a number of language schools that are still providing students for us nearly a decade later!"

B. Margarian, Coordinator of International Recruitment, Cambridge College 

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