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Faculty Development WorkshopsIEACS,L.L.C., is proud to announce a partnership with award-winning professor and consultant Dr. Florencia Gabriele to offer dynamic faculty development workshop series 'Embracing the Future of Teaching and Learning'© for the 21st century higher education landscape.  Student populations are more tech-savvy than ever before – faculty must continue to evolve their pedagogical practices to produce graduates prepared to thrive in the globalized, high-tech world. Our innovative, customizable, highly-interactive faculty development workshop will provide your educators with the cutting-edge tools to engage and inspire students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, no matter if they are Generation Z, Millennials or Adult learners. Participants are encouraged to bring their teaching materials (syllabi, lesson plans, activities, etc.) to work on in real-time. Integrating Open Education Resources, Teaching with Digital Learning Tools (videos, simulations, gamification), Universal Design for Learning and Backwards Syllabus Design, and Developing Intercultural Competence for diverse populations are amongst our most populat workshops. Upon completion, faculty will have increased technological skills, educational resources, sharpened and reinvigorated teaching methodologies.  These workshops are ideal for new and established faculty alike, college/university and independent private high schools around the globe.

Admissions 'Bootcamp' Workshop Series

A cornerstone in the I.E.A.C.S. suite of services, our Bootcamp series for international students seeking admission to independent private high schools, undergraduate and graduate colleges/universities in the United States were designed with Educational Agents and College Advisors in mind!  We are 'admissions insiders' with two decades of insight and knowledge of what institutions are looking for in applications, this series will help your students to 'set themselves apart' from other applicants and optimize their chances for acceptance.  Our experts help students establish their school list, activities sheets, recommendation letters, short and long essays, interviews and much more! 


2023 Acceptances include:

Colgate University

Cornell University

Northeastern University

Rensselaer Polytechnic University

Georgia Tech

Syracuse University

University of Virginia

Northeastern University

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Boston College High School

Buckingham Browne and Nichols

Newman School

Oldfields School

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Individualized Application Services for International Students

Let us help you find your voice! IEACS, L.L.C., works with international students to gain acceptance into colleges/universities (and independent high schools) in the United States. Getting into your school of choice takes more than just excellent grades and test scores. Applicants must add something special in class and on campus. Our experts will help you to succeed by working with you on all aspects of the U.S. college/university search and application processes to help you gain acceptance to the school that is ‘the perfect fit’ for you!  We have over 20 years of Admissions experience at the highest levels and a proven system that helps students to stand out from other applicants.

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International Education Agents:

Today, 79% of international students use Education Agents in the application process in their quest to study abroad. This means that students and families have a choice in who they hire. Education Agents must have the services, knowledge, and international connections that set them apart from their competition.  Partner with IEACS, L.L.C. to:

  • Optimize your students' chances of acceptance to top ranked colleges and universities in the United States!

  • Develop customized services to guide your students through the Independent High School and U.S. College Search and Application Process 

  • Increase your brand awareness and reputation by partnering with Western Experts

  • Grow your business by offering online and in-country Admissions Consulting workshops for your current students while attracting new ones!

  • Provide your agents with cutting-edge training on all aspects of the U.S. admissions process


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                                  Services for American Colleges and Universities

As the number of domestic applicants continue to decline, American institutions are realizing the immediate benefits that international students add to their campuses. International students increase their diversity, add global perspectives to their classes, raise their academic profiles, increase retention and graduation rates, all while bolstering tuition revenue! Let IEACS, L.L.C.,  stabalize your enrollments through customized IEM strategies to internationalize your campus! 

International Enrollment Management Strategy- Our experts develop innovative, multi-channel international enrollment management campaigns, recruitment and branding strategy, and productive, sustainable partnerships for American higher education institutions. Whether you are seeking to expand your institution’s global footprint, globalize the student population or compliment domestic enrollment strategy, IEACS, L.L.C., will partner with you to design a holistic plan based on your core competencies, unique value proposition and identity to help you reach your international enrollment goals.

Comprehensive Internationalization - We are a collaborative of scholar-practitioners with expertise in programming, professional development and curriculum design to successfully internationalize U.S. college and university campuses. We team with institutions to design training programs that increase intercultural competence across student-facing departments (faculty, staff, student services, etc.) and weave international perspectives into the curriculum.

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